Affiliate Application

What is a Affiliate?

A Affiliate is a content creator, who believes in everything that stands for and helps spread that message to the world. is always driven to provide high profits to streamers, quality products to their supporters, and give back to those in need.

What does a Affiliate do?

Simple really... REPS to the community and inspiring streamers. More detail, they will help answer questions in the discord, help with product testing, and innovative thinking on marketing, tournaments, and software.

Requirements to become a Affiliate?

  • Minimum of 1000 followers on your main streaming platform
  • Must be an active seller
  • Must stream on one of the big four platforms (Twitch, Facebook Gaming, Youtube, or Mixer)
  • Currently active in the Discord

Perks of being a Affiliate?

  • One waived embroidery fee
  • Guaranteed access to series (if logo fits the series)
  • Additional waived fees
  • Access to test products, software and features before anyone else!
  • Exclusive Affiliate Merchandise 
  • Ability to attend events in an Official capacity.

Have what it takes? Apply Below!