How Does It Work

How Does It Work?


As a streamer, you have been grinding to build your community, get followers, get subs/supporters, donos! How can you profit more from the content you create. Have you thought about shirts, stickers, hats or mugs?



Got A Logo?

Have a logo you are happy with? Perfect! We will make sure it is ready to be printed on Loot! Need a Logo or Loot Design made? Let us know, we are pros!




Make Your Loot!

Once your design is cleaned up and looking pretty, we get to have some fun and pick out which loot you want to sell! We offer anything from Tees to Skateboards! You pick out the Loot and you pick the price! Want a discount code for your subs/supporters or just for fun? Let us know!





Let Us Do The Legwork!

After you pick out your loot, we'll design your online collection page or your "Store Front". We will give you a simple URL to use ( feel free to drop it in your stream description!




Spread The Gospel!!!

After we have set up your collection page, you can start spreading the word during your live streams, and on all your social media platforms. Need some graphics to help spread the word? Let us know, we would be happy to make you some!




YAS! Order Has Been Placed!

After your store is live and you have told everyone including your sister's best friend's uncle's cousin's neighbor's dog walker's dry cleaner. People will begin to order some of the sweet loot. When you get an order, you be see the order in your dashboard. 


Time To Ship The Loot!

After someone places an order, we'll take care of the rest. All loot is print to order. We will print the loot, tuck it in a bed in it's new shipping box, and send it out! In the rare event someone has an issue, we will handle any customer questions, concerns, and issues. 


On or before the 15th of each month we'll send you a payment for all the profits (sell price minus product cost) from your sales for the prior month. (I.E. April orders paid out on or before May 15th)